Harvard’s Center for Geographic Analysis maps the slave trade in stunning detail with historical overlays and geographical data.

Digital Library on American Slavery

A new project at this University of North Carolina-Greensboro site is collecting and indexing slavery records from not only North Carolina but other sites covering slaveholding states and Washington, DC.

Freedmen’s Bureau Project

This FamilySearch project is indexing digitized records from the Freedmen’s Bureau, created after the Civil War to assist 4 million formerly enslaved African Americans.

International African American Museum Center for Family History

With a website this good—handsomely presented and packed with helpful blog posts, digital collections, videos and photos—it’s easy to get excited about the physical museum’s opening in 2020.

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law–Law

Register here for free to access more than 1 million pages from 11,000 volumes about slavery, courtesy of HeinOnline, a leading online legal library service.